I know at least Regan is tired of hearing about it, but among the many beautiful, spiritual moments we experienced today, I wanted to put at least one in writing. When we arrived at Seadrift this morning, I was successful in snagging Jonah and carried him up to the beach. The three of you were on the boat, and the bagpiper was playing. As the boat drifted by, a seal was playing in the waves, and just then a large flock of birds dove right above the boat.

I stood with Jonah a few feet from the piper. Jonah put his cheek next to mine, and leaned the full weight of his face against me. He rested in this position for a long time, at least 7 or 8 minutes, without moving a muscle. He was just taking it all in. I suddenly had the feeling that some essence of Chuck's spirit was in the air, and that Jonah was enveloped by it. It was clear that he was feeling the emotional intensity of the moment, and it was as though I was able to receive it also, maybe because of the purity of Jonah's perception.

When the piper stopped playing he snapped out of it a bit (as did I) but he waved at the piper as if to thank him. It seemed to me that for a long time after.....maybe even all day..........Jonah was even more alert, curious, and good-natured than usual. I know Chuck will live forever in this beautiful little boy, even if Jonah never consciously remembers him.

It was a moment.

Thanks to you all for making a perfect memorial happen. I'm sure Chuck would have wanted it to happen exactly as it did, from the water to the boat to the friends to the touching words. I'll never forget the day.

love n

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