Mr. Olin began his film career in Chicago in the late 1960's, co-producing with his partners at The Film Group award-winning documentaries about the social unrest of the time.

In the mid-1970's Mr. Olin formed his own production company, Chuck Olin Associates, Inc., and continued to produce and direct documentaries in a wide range of areas. Among Mr. Olin's best known documentary work through the years:

Eight Flags for 99 Cents, a probing look at one "silent majority" neighborhood's support for but growing disillusionment with the Vietnam War; Gift and A Palette of Glass (Emmy Award), two films about Marc Chagall's monumental art, each shot with the artist in the south of France; Box of Treasures, a film about cultural survival of a small band of Kwakiutl Indians on the Canadian Northwest Coast; biographies of Martin Luther King, Jr., Herman Melville, Mark Twain and, most recently, Herbert Hoover/ An American Adventure, produced for the Herbert Hoover Presidential Library.

Between 1988 and 1991 Mr. Olin produced Out of the Silence, a one hour documentary about the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. The film compares the successful human rights revolution in Czechoslovakia with what was then - and to a lesser amount, still is - a human rights nightmare in Guatemala. The film has aired on television in many countries and is still in wide release to human rights activists and educators around the world.

Mr. Olin's most ambitious project to date, IN OUR OWN HANDS, is a full length documentary more than three years in the making. The film tells the little known story of the exploits and adventures of the Jewish Brigade, the only all-Jewish fighting unit in World War II.

Mr. Olin is a graduate of Harvard College. He and his wife Nancy, an advertising executive with Fallon-McElligott, live in Chicago.

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