Chanan Greenwald fled to Palestine from Czechoslovakia in 1938 at the age of seventeen. A passionate Zionist, he knew that life for Jews in Europe would soon become a nightmare.

Shortly after the war began, he volunteered for the infantry, hoping to be sent to Europe to fight with the British against the Germans. He served as a lance corporal in the 2nd Battalion of the Palestine Regiment, which became the nucleus of the Jewish Brigade in September of 1944, and fought with the Brigade in Italy.

After the war , Greenwald led search parties throughout Europe to look for Jewish survivors, move them into their own camps, and direct them onto ships headed for Palestine.

Currently Greenwald lives on a Kibbutz in the north of Israel below the Golan Heights.

"You know that after the war in the D.P. Camps there were no Jews. That's what the British and the Americans said. They were all displaced persons, there were no Jews."


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